Helping Improve Navigation to Fuel Growth for eCommerce

13 Jun

Earlier this week Sync Internet Marketing helped Hydroponic Supply USA change their  Web site navigation to fuel growth for the rest of 2019 and beyond. After a quick evaluation, we determined that their eCommerce site historically has not use an organized category or product navigation structure.  With a few quick reviews, we were able to quickly step in and help them position the site for even more SEO growth helping fuel the growth of their already business that skyrocketed in late 2016.

hydroponic supplies


With the goals to fuel even more hydroponics system sold online, grow an even bigger base for selling their seller’s grow tents and provide their HydroponicSupplyUSA.com visitors with a much better user experience – we think we achieved this with their latest release.

We first tackled the goal to sell more hydroponic systems online.  To achieve this goal, we quickly researched the product line and found that there are two main types of hydroponic systems;  the ebb and flow systems and the deep water culture hydroponic systems.  Once identified, we provided product tags in their product database for these categories and then started rewriting content to focus on the subcategories, within the internal linking structure.

The second goal we tackled was to grow and even bigger visitor base for selling grow tents, which have become a hot selling item on the Internet. Hydroponic Supply USA  is now better positioned to be a very valuable player in the hydroponics publisher space to for the most popular hydroponics product brands. This is part of their long-term strategy, but with the work tagging the product database with brand names, we believe they are positioned to become a power publisher for brands looking to increase incremental sales. We have begun to work with the team to write content that will attract consumers, who do not yet have a grow tent brand loyalty or may be looking to compare brands – which is a great opportunity for sponsorship from these hydroponics brand players.

Now that Hydroponic Supply USA, the best online hydroponics store featuring grow tents, LED grow lights and hydroponic systems, can feature popular brands; we are working with the team to create a publishing agreement template, which will then help the team secure a new stream of revenue, for sponsored advertisements and or featured product content,  for their grow tent advertisers, their hydroponic system advertisers or even the best LED grow light brand advertisers.  We believe over the next two years, Hydroponic Supply USA will significantly grow their visitor volume, and influence in the fragmented hydroponic supply shopping space.

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Check out the team’s work and check back for updates on how their site traffic grows for the targeted long tail keywords.