Best Fat Tire Bikes Make for Great Content

13 Jun

Popularity of Fat Tire Bikes for Sale Online Drives Growth

The guys over at BicycleShopUSA love the Mongoose fat tire bike brand, the Alton fat tire bike and the Krusher fat tire bike brands.  After hours of reviewing online fat tire bike brands and seeking to find the best fat tire bicycles available for sale online, we helped the team a www.bicycleshopusa.com, create and Editors’ Choice for the Best Mountain Bicycle Brand to help fuel their growth for the online bike store.

best bicycle shop onlineThe fat tire bike trend is just beginning, and many of bicycles for sale online stores are looking for way to increase revenue, provide a better online shopping experience and get more traffic.  The team at BicycleShopUSA.com asked for some help to achieve these goals, and we answered with a few quick solutions that any online ecommerce site can apply.

The team of Bicycle Shop USA asked us to build a shop that would feature fat tire bikes, as these fat tire bikes are becoming all the rage in the USA as the trend is growing fast and the team wanted to make sure that fat tire bikes were captured in their online store and easily accessible by just a couple of clicks to help fuel the growth for these fat tire bikes.

We categorized these bikes into the internal navigation system, and the top navigation menus.  We also broke out the best fat tire bikes by brand, with three of the best fat tire bike brands placed into their own categories allowing for easy navigation, a great URL structure and quick navigation while benefiting from SEO optimizations.

So how will this help revenue?

Ease-of-use is the bottom line to success. It is very common that the quicker you get the visitors to shop for the product they are seeking, the faster they are to read reviews, the faster they are to determine the price they’re willing to pay, and ultimately add product to their shopping cart.

With these new fat tire bike categories, we are able to achieve all three of those goals allowing Bicycle Shop USA visitors to quickly get to better bikes, search by brand and ultimately get to the shopping cart faster to make a purchase.

We can’t wait to see how the new categories at Bicycle Shop USA help increase revenue, increase visitation and ultimately help shoppers find the fat tire bike that they are looking for online. We will report back on the successes of the 2019 changes and hopefully continue to add brands and increase revenue opportunities for this team while creating cross site sales for the team by offering the best mens underwear for cycling series on our other partner sites.

Interested in how to increase your ecommerce revenue within a few clicks, give us a call.