Shopping Online, Making It Easier For Guys

08 Nov

Shopping in 2018, made easier for men.

Making the transition to sell mens underwear, is never easy transition for any business, or is it?!  This year, has been the year of transition for Sync.  Our team has embraced, and taken charge of the digital conversation for guys, helping provide content, designed to educate, yet provide online shopping guidance and ease for shopping through technology.

As we have grown our brands, the most interesting, and fun to talk about around the office is our latest revision to a mens underwear store, and positioning this brand in the market, as a mens online underwear superstore.

Content is king, however having a well thought out buyer journey, is what takes expertise.  We have learned a lot and have now applied our years of learning, to a few other online brands that guys tend to love, making it easier to shop at every click or tap.

The latest store, is a wireless products, dare we say home automation superstore.  Think of all the 1950s ranch home owners, who are looking to automate their homes, through the purchase of different brands of devices.  We are going to revolutionize the home automation product distribution, by not only offering the wireless products for these guys, but also creating content (video?) to show these guys, simply how to do it.

Not only have we taken on the home technology content, but also to support our very tech savyy and athletic guys, we have taken on the creating content with guidance for the best camping tent and camping gear supply superstore, an outdoor superstore focused on the best ski goggles 2018, and not to forget man’s best friend, there is the best dog bed superstore, featuring Orvis dog beds and many other dog bed brands.

We are not only looking to help our technology savvy guys shop, but are also looking to create a few superstores, that can be positioned for advertising, by the brands looking to gain exposure to these very targeted audiences.

More to come, we are just getting started!